Winter/Spring 2024 Schedule


7:15  am   Cedar Rose Park   M.W.F

9:30 am   Kensington Park   M.W.F

5:30 pm   Kensington Park   M,T.Th

9:30 am Kensington Park  Saturday morning 


Unlimited Monthly Membership

We are welcoming new members! 

Please shoot us a quick email at to let us know when you would like to start your free trial week.




Unlimited Membership Includes:

  1. 10 x Outdoor workouts per week
  2. New Facebook Live workouts weekly
  3. Private Facebook group for Q & A
  4. Access to 300 + workout videos

Unlimited Means Unlimited


Train up to 10 sessions per week in person and get access to hundreds online sessions for one membership fee. Our private Facebook page includes fitness tips, announcements, and hundreds of pre-recorded 20-45 minute workouts.  We keep it simple by staying true to our values. Effective, yet fun workouts using minimal equipment with varied formats  and functional movement patterns to create strong, fit bodies in a challenging,  inspiring outdoor environment. 


Come join our Berkeley and Kensington bootcamp. Swing some kettlebells, meet new friends and get in shape.

ATTENTION: If you are not comfortable attending outdoor training sessions, please check out our Facebook Live membership HERE.

This is our online membership. You will need 1 x 25lb or 35lb Kettlebell for Facebook Live workouts.


Train hard, train often.


Nic & Amy





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